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Welcome to TARA TILES Kolhapur legacy of 75 yearsbest productsinhouse design & developmentindustrial and domestic paving blocksstate of the art designs

We make your spaces alive for you. For 75 years, we are leading manufacturers of mosaic tiles and paving blocks. We do not just  deliver you our products; but adorn your floorings with uniqueness and more durability. With a variety of materials, shades and designs… we bring a legacy of 75 years, to grace your space.
Being an integral part of this industry, we keep on adding many innovative products. Cement concrete garden furniture is a yet another product specially designed for choosy customers.

Known for, quality and durability; we are committed to serve with the best product according to the market trends & your designer's requirements.

Welcome to TARA TILES, Kolhapur
It's been 75 years, we are standing high in tiles manufacturing industry. A previous giant in cement mosaic tiles manufacturing; we decided to change according to the need of the era to suite requirements of markets around our vicinity.
Located in Kolhapur, in south western Maharashtra; TARA TILES is a manufacturer & supplier of paving blocks, mosaic tiles & cement garden furniture. We serve domestic as well as industrial market in north Karnataka, Goa, Kolkan & south western Maharashtra.
While market trends were changing drastically; we diverted to manufacture luxury Wooden Finish Cement Concrete Benches, Curbstones, Precast Compound and Garden related Cement Concrete products.

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We are happy to share what our clients say about us.

Feedback 3

Recently I bought a wooden finish cement benches for my garden . After it is fitted in my garden it looks so awesome . I would like to thank Tara tiles for making such wonderful product. This thing has made so much glamorous look to my garden.

- Mangesh More, Kolhapur.

Feedback 2

Now a days there are various tiles providers selling tiles of every size and at every rate in the market. But among all of them there is no doubt that Tara tiles are the best in terms of perfection. Those who have Tara tiles at garden at their home or office they can easily find the difference.

- Dnyanesh Chougale, Miraj.

Feedback 1

I am a very satisfied customer of Tara tiles. Why I am posting this is, I have bought both Tara tiles and one of the other popular brand same like it from a dealer. Our workers and myself also recognized that Tara tiles has the best quality comparing with that.

- Sushil Kulkarni, Kolhapur.

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Manufacturers of quality tiles, paving blocks &
decorative garden cement furniture
392, E, Shahupuri, Kolhapur - 416 001 (INDIA).

Phone : +91 231 2657498.
For Purchase : +91 88067 22221
For Dealership : +91 9225818503

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